Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is placed in effect on April 15, 2024

Fleetwood Max cares about you and the information you share with us. We take your personal privacy very seriously.

This Privacy Policy details how we use and protect your personal data ("personal information") through and any of our subsidiary websites. The terms “we”, “us”, and “our'' refer to the Fleetwood Max band and its affiliates. While “you” and “your'' mean any person using our platform.

Please read this Policy carefully. By visiting, viewing, or otherwise interacting with our website, you agree to the contents of this Policy. For any questions and clarifications regarding this Policy, send us a message at If you do not agree with this information, then please exit this website immediately.

1. How We Use Your Information

By interacting with our platform, you agree to provide us with specific information, such as your name, email address, and phone number. We do not share this personal information with any third-party applications, unless otherwise stated below.

We use and store your personal information to provide you with a service, which is implicitly agreed upon by using our website. Please refer to the details below to see where and how we use your information. Bear in mind that if you do not agree to the use of your personal information, we may not be able to provide you with the service you are requesting.

1.1. The Personal Data We Collect

When is information collected?

When Signing Up for Updates

When signing up for updates, we require your name and email address. You may also opt to give us your telephone number. This information is necessary to register for our newsletter, which we use to send updates regarding our band and our events.

When Using Our Contact Form or Contacting Us/Our Management Directly

By reaching out to us, either through the contact form on our website or directly through the phone number, email address, and social media platforms posted, you provide us with your full name, phone number, and email address. We use this information to directly communicate with you regarding your questions and concerns and to assist you with any customer service-related queries.

When Utilizing Email Marketing

By subscribing to our email newsletter, we may use third-party applications to track the metrics of our newsletter (e.g., clicks, reads, engagement, etc.). These third-party applications may collect personal details from you in order to track the data. These details are required for us to monitor important marketing metrics, such as the engagement and reach of our newsletters and the overall success rate of our marketing efforts,

When Joining Promotional Campaigns

In the course of joining any promotional campaigns (e.g., sweepstakes, competitions, and the like), we may collect your name, email address, phone number, and home address. We need this information to effectively run the competitions and to give you the opportunity to participate in them.

When Visiting Our Platform/s

Depending on the browser you use, certain information, (such as your device type, browser type, etc.) may be collected. Furthermore, an Internet Protocol (IP) address is a unique identifier for your device on a network. Whenever you access our website, your IP address is automatically stored. This tells us the country you’re located in, along with the time you spend on the site and any interactions you may perform on it. This data allows us to monitor and effectively run our website. It also allows us to diagnose any server issues we may be facing.

1.2. How We Share Your Personal Information

We are very protective over your personal information, and we only share your data with certain third parties whom we have contracted to perform services on our behalf, such as marketing service providers and metric trackers.

We may also share your personal information when we reasonably believe it is deemed necessary for us to do so (i.e., for legal or regulatory purposes).

The personal information that we collect will be stored for as long as necessary, or as long as you have a relationship with our platform, unless it is legally required for us to terminate the relationship, such as in the event of canceling your subscription.

2. Sensitive Personal Information

Please do not send us any sensitive personal information (e.g., social security numbers), or any information that we do not request for a specific purpose. In the event that such information is shared with us, we will not be held responsible for any breaches of security.

3. Our Media - Cookie Policy

The media uploaded on our page (e.g., videos, images, etc.) are owned by Fleetwood Max, with its rights granted to distribution platforms like YouTube and Facebook. As such, please be aware that these third-party applications may place cookies on your device when you interact with the embedded content.

We do not have control over the cookies placed by these third-party applications, and we are not responsible for their privacy policies. Please review each application’s privacy policies before proceeding. By interacting with our content, you consent to the placement of these cookies on your device and will not hold Fleetwood Max liable for any breaches of information concerning these third-party applications.

4. Tickets and Shows

Fleetwood Max performs in a variety of venues; some of which utilize third-party applications to sell tickets. These applications may need your personal information, such as but not limited to your name and contact details, in order to make a commercial transaction.

By providing your personal information to these platforms, you release Fleetwood Max from any liability concerning how this information will be used.

5. Updates to Our Policy

Fleetwood Max and our management reserve the right to revise this Privacy Policy at any time and without prior notice. For any updates regarding our Privacy Policy, please check this page regularly. You may see when the latest version of this Policy was uploaded by checking the date above. Changes to the Policy uploaded on our website will take effect immediately.